Film & Video Production

I work directly with clients, taking their video projects from inception all the way through to final delivery. This can include conceptualizing and planning, scripting, story-boarding, crewing and shoot planning, filming, editing, color grading, delivery and project management.

Video Editing

I provide freelance video editing and post-production services to video companies and people in the Austin area. If you have a project that needs something special to bring it all together, I can help you out.

Filming/Camera Work

I film on a freelance basis with video production companies across the Austin area. I have a wide knowledge of the latest camera systems; from DSLRs to large-sensor cinema cameras. Whether your project is a live-cam event, a commercial piece or a documentary film, I can fit right in with your production.

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I regularly freelance for entertainment companies, eSport conventions, corporate entities, & production companies such as RoosterTeeth, Dreamhack, WPNT etc.





Ray is a 28 year old dude based out of Austin, Texas.

in 2017 he produced and directed his first film, Wrestling With Independence. In 2018 Ray was B-Cam for an upcoming documentary about Shakespeare at Winedale.
Ray has AC'd on Live-streams, shot for for multiple documentaries, edited features, and has been creative directer of live shows. 

He has a cat name Rayo and a dog named Machete.


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